dental x ray

What's New at Zoerhof Dentistry?

We recently installed a new digital, state of the art panoramic x-ray unit. This unit minimizes x-ray exposure to the patient, while maximizing image quality and allowing images to be stored on our computers. This will allow us to email patient x-rays to insurance companies and dental specialists.

A panoramic film shows the upper and lower jaws allowing us to see wisdom teeth, sinuses, bone loss related to gum disease, and infections, among other things. Using this new technology, we will be able to more effectively diagnose any potential problems and treat them in a more timely fashion.

We have just installed an electric dental drill at Zoerhof dentistry. Patients often tell us that they don’t like the sound of the drill. This new technology provides us with a whisper silent unit that patients will find much more pleasant when having dental work done.

Another bit of new technology at Zoerhof dentistry is the Dental Vibe. The Dental Vibe eliminates the discomfort of dental injections for most patients by vibrating the soft tissue at the injection site. Most patients report having no discomfort when the Dental Vibe is used.

At Zoerhof dentistry, we take pride in identifying new treatment techniques and technology that allow us to provide the best quality care possible for our patients.

If these new technologies sound appealing, please call our office at (231) 487-0229 for an appointment.